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12 April 2014

National Shoe Fitting Week starts on Saturday 12th April 2014! It is always worth asking a shoefitter to thoroughly measure your's, and your child's feet when purchasing new shoes.  You can visit the Society of Shoefitters to find a qualified fitter in your area.


31st March 2014

If you are prone to suffering with sweaty feet, it may be worth considering a regular moisturiser to help deodorize your feet. The Gehwol Green cream is gentle and helps reduce foot odour and normalises perspiration whilst moisturising your skin. It contains shea butter, jojoba oil, lavender and zinc as well as other ingredients to help you keep your feet fresh!


21st March 2014

The last couple of weekends have shown us that Spring and Summer are just around the corner! With the warmer weather comes a change in footwear: we stop wearing socks in shoes, we may wear trainers more frequently as we increase activities... such as outdoor sports, we may also swim more often. All these factors can lead to sweaty and itchy feet and the possibilty of suffering with Athlete's Foot. You can find more information about sweaty feet and Athlete's Foot care here:


24th February 2014

Sufferers of Diabetes are unfortunately prone to foot infections. These often lead to hospital admissions, urgent treatment or in worst cases, amputation.  Prevention is paramount in controlling this condition.  Always be on the lookout for changes in the condition of your feet; increase of fluid discharge from a break in the skin, redness or inflammation that spreads quickly, deepening colour of bruises or wounds, loss of sensation or increased heat felt.  If you are concerned at all about your feet; please consult your Diabetic contact at your surgery or visit a Podiatrist.


6th February 2014

Verruca’s can be painful, unsightly and frustratingly stubborn.  They can vary in appearance and can develop as an isolated lump or re-occur in clusters.  Some verruca’s will gradually disappear, others will prove to be very difficult to self-treat, often remaining for years, impervious to any over-the-counter treatments.  We offer Cryotherapy at our Congresbury clinic. This involves freezing the verruca by spraying it with a strong liquid nitrogen solution.  We will usually advise a course of 3 treatments as 2-3 week intervals.  

If you have any concerns about your verruca, come and see one of our Podiatrists in Congresbury.








Diabetic Care


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Athlete's foot and infections


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We, at Somerset Podiatry Clinic provide top quality footcare for you at a time and location that suits you, either at our clinic in Congresbury, or at our two part-time clinics in Southville, Bristol or Langford, North Somerset.


We provide regular chiropody such as corns, callus and verruca and also specialist treatments such as nail surgery for ingrowing toenails and writing personal prescriptions for custom made orthoses that will be made especially for you.


Our Podiatrists are all degree-trained and are fully registered both with the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and the Health and Care Professionals Council. We are also an Accredited Practice.


Let us care for your feet.

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